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Meet the Team

Working students
Part Time
Lisa from tribe29

Lisa, Software Developer

When Lisa joined the tribe29, she was the only female developer. A lot of things changed since then, and she shares what fascinates her about working at tribe29.

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Timi from tribe29

Timi, Software Developer

When not playing music or climbing, Timi works as a software developer at tribe29. He shares what tools he uses and what’s important to him at work.

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Faye from tribe29

Faye, Community Manager

Faye started out a career in the manufacturing industry, but eventually decided to work in the IT industry. She shares what made her shift and how she found her way to tribe29.

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Baris from tribe29

Baris, Web Developer

After 10 years in a web development agency, Baris knew it was time for a change. He shares why he decided to move to Munich from the Netherlands to join tribe29.

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Dominic, Technical Account Executive

Dominic’s job experience includes technical consulting and SAP project management before he went to sales. He shares how he became one of the first employees in tribe29 and what he liked about working here.

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Thomas, Manager Revenue Operations

From investing in startups to joining one— that’s how the shift was for Thomas when he found his way to tribe29. Learn how he formed a team from the ground up to work on an exciting project.

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Marsellus, Checkmk-Consultant

If you’re part of the Checkmk community for a while, you’ll definitely recognize Marsellus. It’s already part of the Checkmk Conference tradition to look forward to what hairstyle he will have for the occasion. In this blog, he shares how he found his way to tribe29 and what he loves about our relationship with our customers.

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Sebastian, Senior Account Executive

Everyone was happy that Sebastian with his openness and background in IT joined tribe29 in 2020. He is one of our Account Executives helping IT professionals discover how Checkmk can help them.

Learn what he loves about his job in this blog.

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Anastasios, Checkmk-Consultant

From having Checkmk as his final exam to now a professional consultant helping others use Checkmk, Anastasios surely can’t get enough of solving challenges around IT monitoring.

Learn about the tools he uses, what he loves about our relationship with the customers and the numerous tasks he deals with as a Checkmk consultant.

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Melina, Marketing Specialist

Melina started as a working student on the marketing team where she got to work on projects such as the annual Checkmk user conference. Just a little more than a year later, she eventually decided to join us full-time to work on key marketing projects such as the new Checkmk brand image.

Learn more about what she likes about the tribe and what her work week looks like in this blog.

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Marcel, Product Manager

Marcel used to be a Checkmk user back in 2015, and when the opportunity presented itself, he immediately grabbed the chance to work at the company developing his favorite tool. He started as a Checkmk Consultant, and now he is working in the Product Management Team, where he talks to users, identifies their needs and plans new features for Checkmk.

Learn more about him in this blog.

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Sofia, Software Developer

Working on an open source software is one of the reasons why Sofia was convinced to join the tribe, which also involved moving from her home in Croatia to Munich. Bringing in six years of software development experience to the tribe, she is currently working as a software developer to make Checkmk ready for the cloud.

Learn more about her work in this blog.

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