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Download tribe29’s Checkmk

Everything monitored with tribe29’s monitoring solution

What’s included?

  • All enterprise features
  • Monitor up to 10 hosts per site
  • Distributed monitoring for up to two sites
  • No limit in monitored services
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • 2000+ maintained plugins
  • High-performance monitoring core (CMC)
  • Measurement intervals: up to 1s
  • Automated service discovery

How it works?

Follow the steps below to get started with tribe29’s monitoring solution:


Get the tribe29’s Checkmk by filling the form above


Go to our official guide and read the Checkmk beginners guide


Use the Checkmk Free Edition to explore the concepts outlined in the guide

Reach out

Contact us with any questions or to request an unlimited host trial

No, you can use the Checkmk Enterprise Free Edition for as long as you want.

You can monitor up 2 site with up to 10 hosts each, with as many services as these hosts offer in this version. If you want to make a ‘trial at scale’, i.e. without a host limit, please contact us.

Please have a look at this comparison table to see differences between all Checkmk versions that are currently available.

Yes, but only for up to two sites. If you would like a trial in a large scale distributed setup, please contact us .